How are you a part of the Chinatown community today? (resident, business owner, worker, property owner, organization member, visitor, etc.?) How long have you been a part of the community?

Business owner. I have been working in Chinatown for two years. We do not own the property.

Where are the places that you like to go in Chinatown today? What makes those places special for you and the community? Can you share any interesting stories about those places?

I really love watching people take selfies in front of the Bruce Lee statue in a central Plaza. For a while I was taking a bunch of people taking pictures. It’s so human and universal to see every one do it, it’s unifying to me, even though not of th people that take the picture know they are connected.

What are some past memories you have of Chinatown that have stayed with you over time? What makes these memories important/why has it stuck with you over time?

My first memory of Chinatown was meeting someone who was collecting cans and the back they had broke and everything spilled. I just helped them get them all in another bag and I felt really connected to them. There was a language barrier but we worked together on a simple task and if brought us together.

What are the major changes you have seen in Chinatown? What are the changes that you’ve liked? What are the ones you are concerned about and why?

I have seen the activation of Chinatown Summer Nights grow and I think that is awesome, it’s good for the economics of the local vendors that sell clothes and poppers. I also worry about how quickly the development is happening. There is a lot of money coming in and it doesn’t seem like it always has the larger communities interests in mind. I know a boutique hotel is being planned where the grocery store is. I wonder if there will still be a Chinese market.

What are some of your hopes for the future of Chinatown? What would you like to see stay for the next generation? What are some changes you would like to see for the next generation?

Whatever happens I hope for it to be based on general compromise and consensus. We should be able to live and work together.