Scott Chang-Fleeman


Scott Chang-Fleeman



How are you a part of the Chinatown community today? (resident, business owner, worker, property owner, organization member, visitor, etc.?) How long have you been a part of the community?

Grew up half Chinese-American eating, shopping, and visiting Chinatown with my family on a regular basis my whole life.

Where are the places that you like to go in Chinatown today? What makes those places special for you and the community? Can you share any interesting stories about those places?

Ocean Seafood and Empress Pavilion for dim sum, Hop Li, Dynasty Center

What are some past memories you have of Chinatown that have stayed with you over time? What makes these memories important/why has it stuck with you over time?

Chinese new year parade with my family, picking up dim sum and birthday cakes at Chinatown Bakery (new ownership I think now?)

What are the major changes you have seen in Chinatown? What are the changes that you’ve liked? What are the ones you are concerned about and why?

The Ocean Seafood plaza has become the new trendy spot. I love Chego and Roy Choi’s food, but it kind of opened the floodgate for non-Chinese owned businesses that seem to be pushing out the mom&pops. I’m concerned about places like Howlin Ray’s and Pok Pok and that place that sells vegan hamburgers and the clothing store that took over the music store? Seems like fewer Chinese restaurants and businesses every time I visit.

What are some of your hopes for the future of Chinatown? What would you like to see stay for the next generation? What are some changes you would like to see for the next generation?

I would like to see new restaurants and businesses owned by young Chinese-Americans while maintaining the businesses owned by elders. Would like to see rent control and affordable housing for elders. Would like to see places like Ocean Seafood and the home goods stores stay open, places my family actually shops at.